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BrightSign Interface Products

GPIO Products
RS232 Serial Products
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RFID Interface Products
USB or Serial Interface Products
Wireless Interface (GPIO & RS232)
Button Boxes & Button Panels
Buttons & Touch Sensors
Motion Detectors (IR & Proximity)
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Relay Boards
Developer Tools & Accessories


Note: Cable Lengths: Input cables can be very long (500 ft) if there is low 'electrical noise'.  Suitable cables are Ribbon Cable, CAT-5, Telephone cable, multi-conductor and single wires.  If there is enough electrical noise to false trigger the Brightsign inputs, use a shielded cable or twisted pair cable and tie one of the twisted pairs to 0V (zero volts or what some people would call ground)  The Output cable length can be even longer (more than 1000 ft) if driving low current devices like LED back lights.  The Output cable length will have no effect on my I/O boards other than possible loss of power to the load (lamps etc.).  The Brightsign inputs have 10K pull-up resistors and 100 ohm input resistors.

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Last Update: 12/17/2019