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Brightsign 24_input RS232 Interface

(works with 'AMX' controllers and Computers)

RS232 24 Input

24 input RS232 (Serial Interface Board)


The TX/RX pins can be reversed with simple on board jumper (normal or reverse TX/RX pins).  This feature supports either style of RS232 cable (null modem cable or standard RS232 cable).  The standard RS232 cable has pins 2 and 3 swapped (pin2 of one end connects to pin 3 of the other end).  A 'null modem' cable does not have the pins swapped.

J3 Connector is utilized as a 3.5mm stereo 'RS232' connectors as is found commonly on products.  The same TX/RX pin swap is utilized.

Note: IF ordering this board and you need the 3.5mm stereo connector, email us to specify that you need the 3.5mm and not the DB9 connector.

Operation: (Firmware 3.2)   When an input is grounded (set low), a string is sent out that represents the input (BrightAuthor compatible).  If multiple inputs are activated, successive inputs are reported.  I.E. If input 1 is closed, the "1" is reported, if input 9 closes also, then the new input "9" is reported. When all inputs go high, then a zero is reported (switches have all been released).

The strings are:

Contact HMS Electronics if you have need of other than 'strings' to be sent in response to inputs.

Note: J2 (2.1mm jack, external 5 volts) is intended for non-BrightSign applications (AMX or computer interface without 5 volts on pin 4 of the DB9 connector)

Diskett RS232_Slides.BRS (BrightScript File)

This script written for the 16 input board in 'ascii' mode.  It will play a slide to match the input number (slides 1 through 16). 

Un-Zip this file to the Root Directory of your SD card and rename the file RS232_Slides.BRS to autorun.brs.  All of the slides should be in the 'Slides' sub-directory.


Updated: May 30, 2013