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Summit Systems Slot Machine -- Interface Control Circuits -- 

Signal/Function Opto-coupler Triac Drive
REL1 (STOP COIL REEL 1) U1 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q1
REL2 (STOP COIL REEL 2) U2  (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q2
REL3 (STOP COIL REEL 3) U3 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q3
REL4 (STOP COIL REEL 4) U4 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q4
REL5 (STOP COIL REEL 5) U5 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q5
HPRN (HOPPER RUN) U6 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q6
HPSF (HOPPER SAFE) U7 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q7
CLKT (COIN LOCKOUT) U8 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q8
CDVT (COIN DIVERTER) U9 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q9
HNRL (HANDLE RELEASE) U10 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q10
CIMT (COIN IN METER) U11 (MOC3030) or (MOC3031) Q11
TTL (TILT TOWER LIGHT) U12 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q12
JPBL (JACKPOT BELL) U13 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q13
TLI (TOWER LIGHT-W/PAYOUT) U14 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q14
CIN5 (COIN IN 5 LIGHT) U15 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q15
CIN1 (COIN IN LIGHT 1) U16 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q16
CIN2 (COIN IN LIGHT 2) U17 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q17
CIN6 (COIN IN LIGHT 6) U18 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q18
INCL (INSERT COIN LIGHT) U20 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q20
CIN3 (COIN IN 3 LIGHT) U21 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q21
CIN4 (COIN IN 4 LIGHT) U22 (MOC3010) or (MOC3009) Q22

Note: HPSF and HPRN are both required to run the hopper.  HPSF is a pulsing signal that keeps the hopper from timing out.

MOC3030 is a zero crossing type (eliminates EMI from coils)

MOC3009 is non zero crossing (used for lights).  Used on the stop solenoids.