Summit Systems Slot Machine
Indexing the reels using the electronics

Review:  The reels strips with the symbols are supposed to be mounted in a very specific manner.  This does not mean the you have a machine with reel strips mounted correctly.  If you bought a machine in unknown condition, then you don't know if the reel strips are in the correct position.  On most Summit machines the indexing disk has an 'X' stamped into the disk.  If you have the 'X' then the 'X' should be inside of the detector board when you have position 1 determined from the steps below.

'The disks on the left side of each reel are binary encoded and are also the indexing plates.  The lever with roller at the back of the disk is used to stop the reel at the precise location determined by the electronics.  For the game chip to work, the known location of the symbols has to be determined from the binary encoding of the disks relative to the locations of the symbols on the reel strips..  Each style of machine (20 stop, 22 stop and 25 stop) has a special encoding sequence to determine where the home position is.  Please follow the procedure below to exactly determine the location of position 1.

1. Make sure that the reel stop mechanism is engaged. (each reel is locked into position).

2. Put the electronics into 'reel display' mode by pressing the recessed center button on the power supply labeled 'Hopper Fill'

3. Depending on your game chip the reels encoding may display from left to right, or right to left.

4. Use a 12" ruler (something narrow to push back the indexing lever).   Determine which reel is being displayed by pushing back the indexing lever, moving the reel and watching for a change on the display.  The reel number is part of the display and varies from left digit to right digit depending on software.  The number not changing is the reel number.  3 is right reel and 1 is left reel.  The number changing is the reel binary encoding.

5. Once you have the selected reel determined, begin slipping the reel down, 1 notch at a time to get the sequence of 0-1-2-3-0-1-2-3 advancing on the display. Note: The numbers have to be exact as above or you are in the homing area of the disk.  If you cannot get this sequence see the trouble shooting section for the reels and detectors!

6. After you have obtained the above number sequence , you are ready to find the home position.  The last digit of each sequence is 1 and is the home position. The home positions are determined as follows:

20 Stop  1,3,2,0,3,1,2,3,1 (note the sequence starts skipping numbers)

22 Stop 0,2,3,1

25 Stop 3,1,2,3,1,0,3,1

7. After indexing the 1st reel to home, press the hopper fill button to display the next reel.  Index the remaining reels as stated above.  Note: You should mark position 1 of each reel with a marker.  Position 1 (symbol 1) is the symbol on the payout center line of the machine.

8. Record the symbols for each real on the reel table sheet provide from my web site.

Note:  If the reel strips are installed to the standard, the last symbol on each reel strip is the second to last position.  IE, after the end of the reel strip, (after the end of reel strip plastic where it is overlapped), the first symbol on the reel strip is usually the last position of the indexing disk.  If your reel strips are not aligned to the standard, then the above indexing method helps to record the correct locations of the symbols for the game software.

Last Update: 02/26/2024