Summit Systems Slot Machine Reel Detector Alignment Procedure

Perform reel alignment when getting indexing errors at game play. See tilt codes for an explanation of index errors. In order to perform reel detector alignment, the machine must be in run mode, (no tilt on the machine). Have a 12 inch ruler (or equivalent) handy to release the reel indexing lever at the back left side of the reel being aligned. When the lever is pushed back, the reel will spin freely.

Notes on Alignment.

1. Before doing alignment changes, cycle through the 3 reels and get a ‘feel’ for the indexing if each reel. Usually, only 1 of the detectors needs alignment and it will be noticeable when comparing the detector outputs from reel to reel.

2. Make sure that the mechanism is not sticky. Each reel should have the same ‘feel’ when the indexing lever is engaged.

Alignment Procedure.

1. Press the ‘Hopper Fill’ button on the electronics power supply once. The tilt light should light and the display should change to the following A 0 B. Where ‘A’ is the value from the detector and ‘B’ is the reel being aligned. Some machines align left to right (reels 1-3) and some align right to left (reels 3-1) The right digit of the display indicates which reel is selected for alignment. Reel 1 being the left reel, and reel 3 being the right reel.

2. Release the indexing lever of the reel indicated (push the lever back), and rotate the reel down. Make sure that the end of the reel strip (cut end of the plastic strip is far away from the front of the machine.  (Rotate the reel to move the end of the reel strip to the back).  The display should track 0,1,2,3 and back to zero. If all the values do not appear, you have a defective detector. Remove the detector from the machine and send it in for repair.

3. Rotate the reel until a ‘3’ is indicated on the display and engage the indexing lever. Push up on the reel (it should move about 1/4”, and the display should not change, if it does, the detector is severely out of alignment. Push down on the reel. It should move about 1” total but the number on the display will change at about 1/4” travel from the indexed stop. As you rotate the reel down, the number should change from 3 to 0. This is the critical alignment area. We want the display to change from 3 to 0 (left digit) without the ‘1’ or ‘2’ showing on the display. If a ‘2’ or ‘1’ shows on the display for more than 1/16” of movement of the reel (between the 3 and 0), the detector angle or vertical position needs to be changed. To change the vertical position, loosen the two screws on the front of the electronics chassis and move the detector up or down to obtain the best alignment. To change the angle of the detector (most often the real fix), you need to grasp the mounting bracket of the detector with a pair of pliers, and gently bend the bracket to change the angle of the detector relative to the reel indexing plate. It may be necessary to remove the reel assembly from the machine and then the reels to get at the detector brackets.
Update: Also be sure to push up on the reel with a little pressure to ensure that the detector is not on the bottom edge of the indexing slot.  The number on the display should not change with some upward pressure.

4. After obtaining good alignment on the first reel selected, push the ‘Hopper Fill’ button to move on to reel 2. Repeat steps 2-3 to align the next two reels. After alignment is completed, press the 'Hopper Fill' button one more time to put the machine in run mode.  

Notes on Detectors.

As mentioned above, if the number sequence skips a value or a 3 never appears, send the detector in for repair. The cost of repair is $25.00. Half of my own machines had indexing errors even after doing alignment. The reason for this is that the rivets used to assemble the detector board assemblies are used to make electrical connection between the boards. I soldered the rivets to the boards and the indexing errors ceased. This requires a pretty hot soldering iron and liquid flux to ensure soldering to the rivets.

Last Updated:  02/26/2024