About HMS Electronics Mfg.

HMS Electronics Inc. has been in existence since 1985.  The primary business of HMS was to manufacture 'High Speed Starters' for Medical X-ray machines.  Since then, we have branched out to other design and manufacturing ventures.  We have designed and manufactured many specialty items for various customer requirements.  Some of the products are:

1. Speed controller for coil winding machines.  (Foot Switch speed controller used to operate 10-15 amp motors).

2. Coil winding machines for Medical X-ray High Voltage transformers.  This device allows programming up to 99 layers with programmable numbers of turns per layer.

3. Buck-Boost transformer boosters for R.V. (recreational vehicles).  This device is used to 'maintain' the line voltage to an R.V. when the incoming line drops.

4. Electronic Time Clocks-Discontinued

5. Model Railroad Track controller.  The owner of HMS got involved with HO scale model railroading and wanted to control the monitoring and switching of the track switches electronically.  After a lot of research, he found nothing suitable for use.   So, he designed a track controller electronics package with a variety of add-on devices.  These devices can be used to remote control lighting, motors, stepper motors, and more.

6. Reel Controller for slot machines.  The reel controller receives commands from a computer via a serial port and spins the reels (stepper motors).  This product designed and manufactured for VGT (Video Gaming Technologies).

7. Embedded systems custom controls.  Specializing in mini systems.  Small single board controllers with all functions on board.  Small Single board controllers with separate output relay module for controlling power devices such as solenoids, motors, valves, pumps and the like.  We can provide economical embedded systems customized to your application.  With the following options:

  1. Display option: LCD alphanumeric display or 1/4 VGA graphic display color or monochrome.
  2. Input Option: Keypad, go/no-go switch, or touch screen on a 1/4 VGA graphic display
  3. Output options: On board relays for cost effective measures,  4/8/16 output relay board with 15 amp relays for high current switching applications.  Note: Special high current relay boards are available, as well as solid state switching of loads.
  4. Safety Options: Power interrupter on/off safety switch, External interlock (such as a door), prevents power applied to selective outputs, External interlock board for system monitoring.  Should the imbedded systems control board fail, the board will remove power from selected relay outputs.

Many more items have been designed and manufactured for various contract requirements.   Make an inquiry if you have need of a low medium or high volume production design and manufacturing requirement.

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