REEL TABLE SETUP  20 Stop - 22 Stop - 25 Stop Machines (Reel Symbols)

First, engage the stop levers by pressing in on the solenoids for each reel!

To move the reels, use a 12" ruler or something similar to slide in to the left of the reel and push back on the indexing lever (spring loaded). Locate the index mark ‘X’ on the left side of the black indexing disk, and rotate the reel to center the ‘X’ to the detector board (this is critical). This is stop position 1 and should align to the center payout line on the glass!. Rotate the reels down when recording symbol/blanks. Fill out the portion that applies to your machine. See the information below about the coin lockout circuit

Note: Only record the symbols that apply to your machine.  I.E. for a 20 stop machine only record positions 1-20.  Be sure to include the blanks for bar machine.

Note: For 4 Reel machines just add the reel 4 symbols to the right of the table.


It helps me to program the tables if you follow this guide when recording the reel symbols.

New 'Game' Options for the HMS-SSC Slot Controller Board

1. Specify Maximum Payout (this will reduce the number of times to re-fill the hopper to complete the payout)

2. Return coins on Blanks (to slightly increase winnings) Yes/No

3. Pay on Center Cherry (to slightly increase winnings) Yes/No


The 'Symbol Table' is arranged to appear just like the reel strips of the machine.

Use this link for the 'Symbol Table'  (now a pdf document) so that it will print out on a single page!

Note: It is better if you can send me a picture of the payout glass rather than fill out the win table!


              SYMBOL                 COIN1    COIN2    COIN3     COIN4     COIN5

WIN1  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______ (Jackpot)

WIN2  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN3  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN4  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN5  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN6  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN7  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN8  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN9  ______________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN10 _____________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN11 _____________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN12 _____________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______

WIN13 _____________ = ______    ______    ______    ______    ______


Clarification on Indexing:

With the ‘X’ of the index plate centered in the detector, then symbol 1 appears on the center line of the payout glass on the machine. Note: Symbols (reel strips) do not have to align perfect. Just record the closest symbol to the payout line of the glass.  I suggest that you close the door when recording the symbols to ensure that you are recording the correct symbol. Link to 'X' alignment

Some machines may have another symbol in place of the Seven (gold nugget and so on). Just record a ‘Seven’ on the symbol table (jackpot).

RE: Relay on the Door

Important: Some machines have a relay mounted on the door, just to the right of the coin mechanism. One or two wires go from the relay to the coin mechanism or coin lockout coil (behind the coin mechanism) If you have the relay on the door, please specify ‘Relay on Door’ on the Form! The picture of the 'typical' relay can be found on a link when ordering your game.  If you omit this information and you need the program changed, to correct the action of the coin lockout coil, you will be charged $20 (plus shipping) for the change.  You will need to send the HMS-SSC slot controller board back to us for re-programming.

RE: Faulty Symbol Data

If you fail to properly index your reels and provide the wrong symbol table information, I have to correct the game program and you will have to return the board for re-programming.  I'll charge $40 for the re-program and you will have to pay shipping and handling ($20 for US shipping).  Shipping and Handling outside the US and Canada will have to be determined.