• Single Tube Operation
  • Easy Logic Compatible Interface
  • Microprocessor control, for logic reliability
  • Modular Construction
  • High Effeciency Drive
  • Very quiet acoustically and electrically
  • 16 pre-programmed time delays
  • Due to Modular construction the starter is quickly and easily serviced


Normal and high speed rotation of x-ray tube anodes for increased power requirements on Radiographic Equipment only. (not for use on Fluoroscopic Equipment).


HS1R Anode Rotator is available only in "R" type configuration, that is, it will only operate a "regular" type stator. The unit is designed for OEM installation.



Technical Specifications


Weight: 10 lbs Shipping: 15 lbs

Power Supply Requirements:

208-250 VAC 60Hz, Single Phase, 15 amperes.


Stator Power and Operation:

Low Speed (60HZ) High Speed (180Hz)
Start Run Start Run
220VAC 54VAC *440VAC 100VAC

Brake sequence:

DC brake is applied following High Speed.

(Brake duration is proportional to 180Hz Accelerate time)

DC brake is optionally applied following Low Speed.

(Brake duration is proportional to 60Hz Accelerate time)

Logic Inputs:

Input opto-isolators require 5-24VDC from the generator.

(Program jumpers are provided on the mother board

to enable pull-up or pull-down enables.)

Command Inputs:

1. Start ('ST')..iniates Low speed rotation ('HS') must be off.

2. High Speed ('HS')

Program option allows 'HS' to intiate rotation, or 'HS' + 'ST' to initiate rotation.

3. Coast allows **10 seconds of coast while maintaining x-ray interlock.

4. Option1: to be determined (custom OEM program).


Logic Outputs:(Relay contacts are rated 2 amperes 30VDC, 1 amp 120VAC)

1. Standard X-ray inhibit interlock- normally open contacts close after acceleration time is completed.

2. An auxilliary relay is optionally availailble for custom program. 1 set of Form C contacts, relay under program control.

Acceleration Times:

1. 16 programmable low speed acceleration times.

2. 16 programmable high speed acceleration times.

Additional Switch Programming:

1. 'HS' initates High Speed rotation with out the start 'ST' command.

2. No DC brake after Low Speed (60 Hz) rotation (also shortens DC Brake after

High Speed rotation (180Hz).


Manual supplied with theory of operation, trouble shooting quide, complete schematics and detailed parts list.


*430V Start Voltage if 208 Line.

**Coast time duration available as OEM requires.



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Last Updated: 9/22/99