For increased power requirements, the HS2-MPX is designed for normal and high speed rotation of x-ray tube anodes.



  • 3 Tube operation
  • High efficiency drive
  • Modular construction for quick and easy servicing
  • Easy universal interface
  • LED's at all external inputs
  • 16 Pre-programmed time delays
  • Very quiet acoustically and electrically
  • Microprocessor control for logic reliability
  • A service routine for ease of x-ray tube calibration


Technical Specifications:


Weight: 70 lbs. (starter and cabinet) Shipping Weight: 86 lbs.

Power Supply:

208/240 VAC single phase 15 amp “R” stator -or- 30 amp “Q” stator - UL approved

-or- 277 VAC single phase 12 amp “R” stator -or- 20 amp “Q” stator - not UL approved

Stator Power and Operation:

  Low Speed (60HZ) High Speed (180HZ)  
Start Run Start Run AC Brake DC Brake
R 220V 54V 440V/490V 100V 220V 60VDC
Q 220V 52V 340V 60V 220V 50VDC

Stator connections made directly to a terminal strip in the unit

440V/490V is selectable at time of installation

Brake Sequence:

High speed to low speed = AC brake

Low speed to stop = DC brake (optional), Activated by switch on board

*Starter will not change over until spinning tube is braked

Logic Inputs:

Input opto-isolators require 5 - 24V AC or DC, or 110V AC or DC from generator

If generator power not possible, +24V DC available from starter

Command Inputs:

1. Rad Prep - usually from the handswitch circuits

2. Fluoro - usually from the footswitch circuits

3. High speed select - usually from the tube protector

4. Spot film transfer - usually “RL” from the spot filmer

5. Tube 2 select

6. Tube 3 select

Logic Outputs:

(Both output relay contacts: 3 amps max at 30V DC or 250V AC)

1. Standard X-ray inhibit interlock - N.O. contacts close during run

2. Auxiliary relay - N.O. & N.C. contacts - switch programmable to energize for:

a) High speed selected (for possible tube protector use)

-or- b) Brake on (for filament circuits - tube changeover inhibit)

Acceleration Times:

16 - (low accel / high accel / low to high accel) time combinations switch selectable

*Time for each of the three tubes independently selected

Additional Switch Programming:

1. High speed hold (hangover) times:

0, 20, 40, 60 sec, 10, 15, 20, 30 min.

2. High speed for all spot films

3. 0.75 sec exposure inhibit between high speed hold and spot film transfer.

*This allows time for filament warm-up and cassette vibration dampening.

4. “Rad prep” or “high speed select” input starts anode rotation


Manual supplied with complete installation instructions, theory of operation, troubleshooting guide,

complete schematics, and detailed parts list.


Dimensions and Mounting Hole Pattern:

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Last Updated: 9/22/99