HS3-R and HS3-R/Q Manual Revsion History

  • 1.0 Original Release 1998
  • 1.1 Main Schematic Fixes
  • 2.0 Tube 1 (default) Program option added. Added Low-High (Low speed to high speed change) programmable option for the interlock.
  • 2.01 Re-wording Setup and therefore table of Contents change
  • 2.02 Added info about programming the EEPROM to default (factory) settings.
  • 2.03 Improved 'Setup' descriptions.

  • 3.0 CE version of the manual (CE statement added)
  • 3.01 Correction to connections of G.E. balanced stator and phase shift capacitor.
  • 3.02 Added Calculated DC Brake to Setup to insure stopping of Anode.
  • 3.03 Document CB573 Rev 1 and Rev 2 boards.
  • 3.04 Added Inverter Test at begin of Drive to insure inverter working.
  • 3.05 Added information regarding resistor change on CB573 when NAI housing is used. Loss of 'P' safety or low current measurement error.
  • 3.06 Added information to display while doing power up self test.
  • 3.10 Added DC Brake 'Test' to Setup step #3. Added messages or hold messages when exiting setup from the Normal exit or the 'Non-Save' exit. Added math test to 'Power up self test'. 

  • 4.00 Added 'HI-R' stator selection to accomodate gain change when utilizing NAI housings (Toshiba). Improved documentation on gain change along with examples of setup and programming with the gain change.
Last Updated 06/14/01