HS3 Technical Data

Power Requirements

200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

30 Amp mains for RQ version

20 Amp mains for 'R' version

Power & Heat Considerations for the HS3 Starter


The following referenced to a 208 line.

Standby current draw=.25 amps

'R' Accelerate current (Boost) = 13 Amps

'R' Run Current=1.0

'Q' Accelerate current (boost)=22 Amps

'Q' Run Current=1.2 Amps

Heat generated by the high speed starter

1 Watt=3.42 BTU per hour

In standby the starter dissapates about 50 watts or 172 BTU

Rad Operation Starter heat. Assuming an average of 1 start per minute




3" Anode

180 BTU

200 BTU

4" Anode

200 BTU

220 BTU

5" Anode

240 BTU

280 BTU

Fluro Operation

Assuming continuous flouro operation with average high speed starts:

3" anode, 200 BTU

4" anode, 220 BTU

5" anode, 280 BTU