HS3S-R/Q Manual Revision History


Note: No 'Rev' identification on the nomenclature label.

  • 1.0 Original Release 1998
  • 1.01 'Setup' clarifications Jan99
  • 1.02 'Setup' clarifications Jan99
  • 1.03 'Setup' clarifications Jan99

  • 2.0 CE version of the manual (CE statement added), CE component numbers identified and fuse F3 authorized to changed to MDA-8 for all HS3 starters.
  • 2.01 Correction to connections of G.E. balanced stator and phase shift capacitor.
  • 2.02 Added Information concerning R1 resistor change on CB572 if North American Imaging tube housing. The NAI tube housing has very low 'P' Current and 'P-Safety' is lost or intermittent.
  • 2.03 Inverter Tested at Beginning of Drive
  • 2.04 Resistor change required on CB572 when NAI housing is used. Fixes error with no 'P Safety' or low 'P' current measurement .
  • 2.05 Added paragraph concerning Applying Power and Testing Board Integrity message changes.
  • 2.10 Added DC Brake 'Test' to Setup step #3. Added messages or hold messages when exiting setup from the Normal exit or the 'Non-Save' exit.

  • 3.00 Added 'HI-R' stator selection to accomodate gain change when utilizing NAI housings (Toshiba). June 14, 2001. Improved documentation on gain change along with examples of setup and programming with the gain change.

Last Updated: 06/14/01